Atomic Transmission Controller from MSD

El Paso, TX – As vehicle electronic requirements continue to evolve and gain acceptance in the aftermarket, MSD is at the forefront of integrating electronic controls and technology to keep the installation and programming simple. MSD’s Atomic EFI systems, known for its simplicity and performance, has shifted gears and now offers an advanced transmission controller for late model GM and Ford transmissions.

The Atomic Transmission Control Module (TCM) delivers the ability to control and set up the operating dynamics of your GM and Ford transmission including shift points and firmness, auto-shift or manual shift, converter clutch control, A and B calibrations, and even provides a dyno mode. All of these features are simple to adjust, set and even monitor from a handheld controller – no PC is required.

There are two Atomic TCM’s available; one for use as a stand-alone system for use with carburetors and aftermarket fuel injection systems. The other version integrates into the Atomic EFI system through MSD’s emerging Brainwave communication network.


The Brainwave technology is built into MSD’s Atomic EFI systems and allows for the TCM and EFI to share operating information. This integration of data reduces connections and components while avoiding sensor duplication. In fact, when used with an Atomic EFI, the same handheld monitor is used to program both the EFI and TCM!

MSD Transmission Control

MSD Transmission Control


  • Adjust the operating parameters of late model 4-speed overdrive transmissions
  • Simple to configure with the supplied Handheld Monitor – no PC required
  • OEM style connectors allow direct plug-in to popular GM and Ford transmissions
  • Adjust shift points, shift firmness, torque converter clutch behavior and more
  • Monitor the operation of your transmission in real-time
  • Available for most GM and Ford 4-speed automatic transmissions as a stand-alone controller or integrate the system into your Atomic EFI with Brainwave technology
  • Dual calibrations, setup one for comfort and one for performance.


The Stand-Alone Atomic TCM is PN 2760, and the TCM for Brainwave/Atomic EFI is PN 2761. A transmission harness must be purchased separately (see

For more information on the MSD Atomic Transmission Controller, go to or contact Erik Brock at or 915-856-2420.